How to Start a Blog: Launch Ready in a Week 

 October 26, 2022

By  Jeanette Giselle

If you’re here, it’s probably because you have heard of the infamous “blog launch.” Although I don’t entirely believe in a “launch” I do understand that there is a period of time where you want to make it viewer ready. So how can you have your blog launch ready in a week?

Ideally we want our blog to launch quickly so we can start earning or just start growing in general. But ultimately that’s not how blogging works. It takes time and effort but it is possible to quickly get your blog ready to be seen by potential readers and rip that bandaid off.

To being I want to say don’t stress about your blog launch! You’ll be happy that your readers didn’t see the “draft.” As time goes on your blog will naturally grow and shape exactly to what you want it to be.

Launch Ready in a Week

Day 1: Technical Setup

Your first day should get all of the headaches out of the way. For whatever reason bloggers usually get so hung up on the technical part. I guess if you don’t feel like you are “tech savvy” then you automatically feel like it’s going to be hard. When in reality this should just be quick and easy. 

When I started my blog, I was able to get most of this done within a couple of hours. And keep in mind I was a mom of TWO with a full-time job!

Your time can be better focused on building your content and following. If you need a day to plan ahead then do that but once you have all your info ready, take the day to set everything up.

If you need a quick overview on what you need to decide ahead of time check out my post: Blogging for Beginners

Domain & Hosting

In order to launch your blog you need a blog, right? So first things first: get your your domain and hosting secured. I recommend getting started with Bluehost! I personally use them and have given me no trouble. I definitely love most that they are affordable PLUS offer you a free domain for a year.

Check if your domain is available to get started today!

Read why I chose Bluehost on this blog post and how you can start a money making blog here.

Hosting Update 2/2019:

At the time of this update, I switched hosting companies from Bluehost to A2 Hosting.

For my entire first year of blogging I used and loved Bluehost. It was 100% worth it! I loved that they started me out with a free domain, they have a simple way of starting out with WordPress and have amazing customer support.

I honestly love and would still recommend Bluehost.

As my blog grew and my needs as a blogger changed, I decided to take the plunge by switching to A2 Hosting. Both are amazing hosting platforms and would 100% recommend the two.

You can read more about my reasons for switching to A2 Hosting plus a one year review on Bluehost in my post: The Best Hosting for Bloggers

A2 is officially my Number 1 recommendation followed by Bluehost!

If you want the best hosting for bloggers

>>Get Started with A2 Hosting at $3.92/month<<


Once you link up your hosting with WordPress, you’ll need to get a theme. So that you are not tempted to change your theme within a month make sure it covers everything you need. Basic things to consider:

  • Is it SEO optimized?
  • Easy for your readers to engage/opt in?
  • Does it look good?
  • Is it mobile responsive?
  • Compatibility?
  • Customer support?
  • Can you see a lie demo first?

My blog theme is from HelloYou Designs. I just love how affordable and customizable it is plus the customer support is amazing. I am always emailing them with questions and get answers the next day! However, you do need to have the Genesis Framework installed which is an additional cost.

If you’re looking for something more simple where you just upload and install then I would consider looking at the designs at Bluchic. My favorite is their Victoria theme. As you can see from the image below, their theme is responsive and so beautiful. All you have to do is upload their zip file, install the theme and you’re done!

WordPress setup

You definitely want to get your WordPress setup done on day one. This can be tedious to do if you are doing this while you are also getting new content published and are starting a marketing strategy. Get this out of the way!

I have created this blog post that goes into more detail about setting up your WordPress account. The top three I recommend is something to integrate social sharing, SEO plus there are important setting you want to configure. 

 Ready to Start your Blog? Get started with Bluehost today!

Email Marketing Software

The email marketing software that I use is MailerLite. I chose to add this on your first day because MailerLite has an approval process that can often times take a couple of days. They try to keep their site as safe as possible which is why they require you to “apply” before granting you access to use their service.

Regardless of what software you choose, this is another great thing to get out of the way. Once you’re ready to start collecting emails, you will already have your provider ready!

Day 2 -4: Content

Yay! Finally you get to start adding stuff onto your site. I KNOW it’s not going to be easy to wait 2 days to play around with WordPress but now it’s time to get working. There are two types of content you need on your blog: pages and posts. 

Blog Content Batching

Important Pages

Because I feel like this can be done more quickly, you should get your pages done first. You will need an About page, Contact page and some legal pages out of the way. I personally have my About and Contact on the same page but if you plan on getting sponsors for your blog it may be advisable to have both.

For many lifestyle blogs (and more), doing sponsored posts is the goal. If you are too hard to reach then it may hurt your chances of getting a deal. Have a separate page to make it easier for people to find and work with you.

Lastly, you will need a Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and an Affiliate Disclosure page. I personally use a plugin (WP AutoTerms) to easily get the first two out of the way and disclose my affiliate links individually in each page.

The most time consuming part of this should be your About page. This is the most customized and personal part of your site!

Blog Posts

The money maker! Your blog posts are the foundation of your entire blog. My suggestion is to begin with 3-4 posts. Yes, that’s it! You don’t need to have 20-30 posts on your blog in order to start getting people on your blog. Ideally I would say 4 is optimal but I also understand that it will depend on your circumstances.

The easiest way to start is to create posts that summarize what readers can expect to hear from you in the future. If you plan on having category options then make one or two posts for each. The reason I think 4 is the best number to start with is because you want to interlink your posts.

Adding a “You may also like” with a link to another post will not only keep the reader on your blog for longer but it will also boost your SEO!

So how are you going to write FOUR posts in three days? I know this sounds like an ambitious tasks but this one trick will easily help you get this done!


Basically what you’re going to do is allot a single day for only a specific tasks. So for the three days, I recommend doing one day of planning, another for creating and lastly a day for finalizing. This is how I would batch my content:

Day 2: Planning

  • Research (SEO Keywords, images needed, etc)
  • Outlining Post
  • Drafting Descriptions (Meta Data for SEO, Pinterest descriptions, etc)

Day 3: Creation

  • Writing
  • Writing
  • Writing

Day 4: Finalizing

  • Editing (checking for errors)
  • Transfer to WordPress
  • Adding Images to post
  • SEO optimizing

If you need more help with creating amazing blog posts, I took this course by Suzi from Start a Mom Blog. It’s called Post by Number and it teaches you how to write high quality blog posts.

Post by Number

Day 5: Optins & Email

At the end and throughout your blog post, you should give your readers the opportunity to opt into your email list. How do you do that? By offering them an freebie or content upgrade.

Content Upgrades/Freebies

You’re probably wondering, what’s the difference? They are basically the same with the only exception that a content upgrade will be directed to a specific post.

For example, if I write a post about Pinterest, a content upgrade would be a list of Pinterest group boards. It links directly to what the post is about but might not work for another post.

You will most likely want to create a freebie that you can use on all your post and even have it on your homepage. Aside from content creation, this may be the most time consuming. I would consider just creating an online for what you might want to give away. When you have more time or an extra day, take the time to create an amazing freebie!

Pin Images

You will need a couple of pin images. You will obviously need a featured image for the post itself but for marketing as well. When starting out you will want to create two images (at least) for each post that will be pinned to Pinterest.

Other images to consider making will be for your optin. If you create a landing page for your optin then you will want to create pins that send people directly there. Plus you’ll need the images that will go directly into your post to get people to subscribe.

Create something eye catching that will introduce the product plus get people interested. All of these can be easily be created using Canva!

Email forms

Hopefully by now your MailerLite account has been approved so you can start creating forms. Forms are where your reader will input their info. You are going to embed this onto your post.  See my example below:

MailerLite Form

Once you complete the form and save, you will be given a code which you will copy and paste onto your blog post.

Day 6: Traffic

Your blog is now fully optimized for readers! *Happy Dance* But how do you get them there? You need a Marketing Strategy. My two most favorite ways to get people onto my site are via Pinterest and Facebook.


If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet you need one ASAP. And not any kind of account but a Business account. To get setup with Pinterest, I recommend this free course Pinterest Primer by Moms Make Cents. This is a great startup guide to actually setting up your Pinterest account.

Pinterest Primer Course

To get traffic from Pinterest you will need to:

  • Make boards and fill them
  • Follow people in your niche
  • Join group boards
  • Add your content to Group Boards


To get traffic from Facebook, you will want to join groups. You can either find some that are for bloggers in general or bloggers in your niche. Group boards offer promo days and engagement posts. You can share you links to get people to share or view your content.


With whatever platform you decide to use, have a plan! Choose what you are strongest at. Personally, I suck at Instagram but if that’s your thing definitely use it! Maybe you already have a big following on a social platform – I would convert it to a business profile and use it to my advantage.

Following promo days on Facebook is a great way to start because they already have a schedule. Plus it’s great to have a social page where you can make friends and network with other bloggers.

Day 7: Wild Card

I left day seven open for you to catch up on anything you might have fallen short on. This is still the real world and things come up. If you missed a day or weren’t able to finish something today is the day to get it done!

If you’re a rockstar and got everything done then TODAY IS LAUNCH DAY! Congratulations.

Have you started a blog yet?

Tell me in the comments if this resource has helped you start your blog – I’d love to hear from you! If you need additional support, comment your questions below. Please also share this post with your friends on social media. Thank you!

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Jeanette Giselle

Jeanette is a mom of three kids and full time entrepreneur. She is a certified Professional House Cleaner by the AHCA. It is her passion to help overwhelmed mothers simplify their home duties so that they can spend their time doing the things they love. 

Jeanette Giselle

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