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Healthy Snacks Ideas and what to avoid

Updated On — 3rd Apr, 2020

Are you looking for quick, healthy snacks to buy? There’s a lot of “healthy” snacks available, but what you’ll often find is they aren’t actually as healthy as you might think.

Healthy Snack Ideas and what to avoid

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Healthy Snack Ideas You Can Buy

As parents we are always concerned with what we feed our kids. And unfortunately the healthy industry is saturated with companies that don’t really care about our health.

It can be hard to choose the right snack for ourselves let alone something safe that we can give our kids.

If you’re struggling to determine which snacks are healthy, here you’ll discover 4 quick healthy snacks you can buy (perfect if you are on the go) and what to avoid.

Healthy Warrior Chia Bars

If you want a snack that is convenient and easy to grab, you can try a Healthy Warrior Chia Bar.

These bars are just 100 calories each and include chia seeds as the first ingredient. What that means is the ingredient most used in this snack item are chia seeds!

Chia seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, rich in antioxidants, and they provide fiber, iron, and calcium. 😱

The Healthy Warrior bars are high in protein and contain other healthy grains, including oats and quinoa. These bars will provide you with lots of energy, while keeping you feeling full.

This snack is good to keep at home, or even to take with you as a quick snack on-the-go.

Fresh or dried fruit

Fruit is another healthy snack that is good to always have with you. Some fruit is just fine left out of the fridge, so it is easy to quickly grab on your way out.

Fruit is the perfect snack to give to kids because it doesn’t require any prep and its sweet enough for them to think its actually a treat!

I try to keep oranges, apples and bananas always available in my home. And when I really want to “spoil” my kids, I will give them blueberries or strawberries.

Otherwise, bags of dried fruit are another option. It won’t expire as quickly and can be stored just about anywhere(your car, purse, etc). You can also combine it with some mixed nuts for a healthy and well-balanced snack.

Mixed Nuts

Depending on the age of your child, mixed nuts are great for the entire family to snack on. You can get a pack of them at the grocery store, or put a mixture of your favorite nuts together.

If you really enjoy walnuts, cashews, and macadamia nuts, but can’t find a pre-mixed pack in the store then it’s easy to buy them separately and then put them into single serving bags for a quick snack.

You can even go to Costco and get one of their Kirkland blends and have it for the entire month!

Another reason nuts are a good choice, is because you can find small bags of them just about anywhere. As well as the grocery store, you can usually find them at a local gas station convenience store too.

Healthy Snack Ideas and what to avoid


I know this one may sound like a weird “healthy” snack option but hear me out.

Beef Jerky can absolutely be healthy; its high in protein, and not too fattening if you’re careful about your portions. The main concern is the high salt content.

However you can find some high quality jerky that come in other protein options like turkey. Or you can go to almost any store or gas station and you are bound to find bags of jerky.

You can find beef jerky, as well as bacon jerky, turkey jerky, and sometimes even deer jerky.

These are just 4 quick healthy snack ideas you can buy. Whether you need something sweet or savory, there’s a snack above that can be perfect for you.

But like I mentioned above with the jerky’s sodium, there are some things to look out for when purchasing healthy snacks.

Did you know that some of those healthy snack bars you’ve been consuming might not be very “healthy” at all?

It’s common to think they’re healthier than traditional granola or cereal bars, making them a good, easy switch for some of your fatty or salty snacks. But, while healthy snack bars may seem like a great idea, most are anything but healthy!

If you’re worried about getting a health bar that may be just as bad for you as other snack bars on the market, consider looking for warning signs.

Here are a few to watch out for the next time you’re buying healthy snack bars.

3 Warning signs

1. Sodium

One of the first things to look for when you’re buying healthy snack bars, is the sodium count.

Always Remember to check the nutrition label of any packaged goods that you are purchasing. If it seems very high to you, then it is likely sodium found in preservatives and not in the ingredients of the food itself.

Remember that high sodium intake can cause water retention. This in turn can lead to weight gain and bloating. If you’re eating a snack bar that is organic and healthy, the sodium count should not be that high.

Sodium in general should be limited to a growing child’s diet if you want them to adopt healthy eating habits.

2. flavorings

Flavorings are a dead giveaway that your healthy snack bar isn’t exactly healthy.

Ideally, it should have 100% natural flavors and natural colors. When they start adding things like artificial flavorings, it’s a warning sign that what’s in the bar is not necessarily as healthy as you might think.

For example, if you see something that states it has an apple flavor, but the flavoring is strawberry to give an apple tang, then that’s a problem.

Go with snack bars that only have natural flavorings or juices instead.

Healthy Snack Ideas. Avoid Sugar

3. sugar

In my opinion, sugar content the #1 healthy snack killer. The problem is, most people don’t tend to look at the sugar content.

Keep in mind that I am talking about ADDED sugars. Some sugar is there from the fruit contained within the snack bar. And thats OKAY. So, if you have a fruit bar versus a nut bar, and the nut bar has more sugar then that’s concerning.

If you are buying a bar that is nut based, as well as high in protein and oats, you’ll likely want to consider it a warning sign if there’s a very high amount of sugars.

Ideally, the best healthy snack bar is the one you make at home. You can control the ingredients, add only the things you want in the bars, as well as control the quantity.

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