The Essential WordPress Setup Guide for a New Blog

At first glance, WordPress can look daunting. There are a lot of buttons and a lot of options. While it’s great to get to know WordPress as you go (since it is a learning experience), there are some essential things you’ll want to get done as soon as you install WordPress. Don’t feel overwhelmed, WordPress […]

Ultimate Guide to WordPress for Beginners

I can’t believe how many times I’ve heard “Help! I can’t figure WordPress out!” I refuse to believe that WordPress is only for the “tech savvy” people on the internet. WordPress can be for EVERYONE – including you! So if you’ve been struggling to get your WordPress site up and running check out my official […]

Your WordPress Dashboard and Navigation

Are you one of the many people that log into their WordPress site and go what the heck do all these buttons mean? Well you’re not alone! WordPress has so many options and features it can feel overwhelming. But don’t let it scare you into switching to a new platform. If you’re on WordPress it’s […]

WordPress Themes and the Genesis Framework

Want to have a beautiful AND fully optimized website? Although having a WordPress site is a GREAT start. There is so much more than just logging into your account and posting content. The way your site looks and feels will allow your content to convert into more page views and raging fans! So what do […]