Best Deep Clean List for House Chores (Checklist by Room)

Are you getting ready for Spring Cleaning or maybe fell off your regular cleaning routine? Maybe you are just getting started with creating a cleaning schedule. Regardless of your situation, a house cleaning checklist can really help.

So here is my ultimate Deep Clean list for house chores checklist.

House Cleaning Checklist

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Room by Room Cleaning Checklist: Deep Clean List for a Clean House

Spring is here, and it’s time to clean winter grayness out of your home. Does it seem overwhelming? That’s understandable! But breaking it down by room can help.

Here are some ideas on how to clean your home room by room.

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Living Room

During the winter, floors can get tracked on and generally messed up.

But before you tackle the floors, look up – it’s a good idea to work from the top down. That way, if anything falls on the floor while you’re cleaning, you won’t have to clean it up off the floor again!

Try working in this order:

  • Ceilings – use a vacuum or duster to clean cobwebs from the ceiling corners.
  • Wipe down ceiling fans.
  • Take down light fixtures and clean them.
  • Wipe smudges off walls; dust any wall art.
  • Wash inside of windows and wall mirrors.
  • Clean draperies and/or blinds.
  • Clean furniture – use furniture oil on wood and upholstery cleaner on couches and chairs.

Bonus TIP: You can use an electric mixer to make your own by whipping up 4 cups of hot water and 1 tablespoon of dish detergent until it makes a thick foam. Use this foam on the upholstery and wipe/rinse with a damp cloth.

  • Now clean carpets with vacuum and rug cleaner, or vacuum and mop if they are hardwood. Wash area rugs if you have them.


Bathrooms usually get cleaned regularly, but in the spring you might want to do some extra cleaning. As you’re tackling the mildew between the tiles, don’t forget these “hidden” items that need to be addressed.

Don’t forget to work top-down here, too.

  • Clean mildew off the ceiling if present (use bleach).
  • The ceiling might need to be re-painted with mildew-resistant paint.
  • Dust fans and overhead lights.
  • Clean curtains.
  • Wash the inside of windows.
  • Clean bathtub, sink, and toilet.
  • Caulk may be needed to cover cracks or peeled caulk around the tub.
  • Organize bathroom items so they are not cluttering up the sink or vanity.
  • Throw out old make-up and hair products.
  • Go through and organize hair clips, bands, etc. and throw away worn-out ones.
  • Mop floor with the best tools for the job.
  • Clean any area rugs.


Once again, start high.

  • Clean ceilings.
  • Organize and clean out upper cabinets, such as the ones above the fridge and stove.
  • Organize and clean out head-level cabinets above the counter.
  • Clean countertops and sink.
  • Organize appliances so they are not cluttering up every level area.
  • Throw out old food from the pantry, cabinets, drawers, and so forth.
  • Clean out the flatware drawer.
  • Wipe down the front of the fridge, dishwasher, and stove.
  • Organize and clean out below-the-countertop cabinets and drawers.
  • Vacuum and mop floor.
  • Wash area rugs.

In addition to the “usual” kitchen cleaning, this is a good time to clean the oven – windows can be open to provide circulation.


Your bedroom may need a whole new look for spring.

  • Dust ceiling fans and ceiling corners.
  • Wipe any smudges on walls.
  • Dust dressers, bureaus, and wall art.
  • Dust lamp shades.
  • Wash bedding and put away heavy comforters. Remake the bed with lighter blankets, pillowcases, and sheets.
  • Pull old clothes out of the closet and donate them. Go through your drawers and do the same.
  • Vacuum and mop floor, or vacuum and wash carpet.

For kids’ bedrooms, you can do much of the same thing, but you’ll need to work with your kids to clean out toys, too.

Under bed

Spring is the perfect time to clean out under the bed, although it may be overlooked.

  • Pull everything out from under the bed (watch out for dust bunnies!).
  • Vacuum and throw out whatever you don’t need. Use flat plastic bin(s) to organize what you do intend to keep.
  • Mop under the bed, if needed.


Tracking in driveway salt doesn’t just stop at the porch. Your carpets also take a beating in winter, as do hardwood floors.

  • Get carpets deep-cleaned to make them safe for bare feet.
  • Hardwood and linoleum will need to be cleaned, too. Mop hardwood with oil soap and water, and mop linoleum with your cleaner of choice.
  • Wash area rugs in the laundry or with carpet cleaner.


Have you considered the outside of your house in your spring-cleaning plans? Some things you might not have thought to consider outdoors include:

  • Patio and deck furniture – Don’t forget to clean your patio and deck furniture. This can be as simple as hosing off or as elaborate as repainting and cleaning with special products. If you have plastic furniture, a scrub-down with a weak bleach and water solution may just do the trick against mildew and algae. This solution should work with water-resistant covers on cushions, too. Iron furniture might need to be touched up with black enamel paint after cleaning.
  • Decks – Hosing or power washing your deck can be included in spring cleaning. Any insect proofing, such as a fresh coat of varnish or paint, is best done before the bugs get bad in hot weather.
  • Porch, steps, and driveway – After a winter of putting down driveway salt on concrete and asphalt surfaces, a thorough hose-down is a good idea.
  • Doormats can be hosed off and/or laundered as well.

Cleaning Tips to Get Your Home Looking Good FAST

Okay, so you got caught off-guard and you have to have your house looking good – NOW.

What do you do? It’s also important what you don’t do.

Here are some quick cleaning tips to help you get your house ready for unexpected company.

No Deep Cleaning

This isn’t the time to shampoo the carpets, clean out the garage, or wash the windows.

Concentrate on the areas where your guests will be hanging out, and concentrate your efforts there – usually it’s the living room, family room, kitchen, and bathroom(s).

There’s going to be just as much hiding going on as actual cleaning! 😂


Most of us have miscellaneous clutter lying about – on the entertainment center, on the bedroom dresser, bathroom sink, and kitchen counters.

Get clutter out of site fast by assigning a big box or laundry basket to each room.

Dump the clutter from each room into its respective container, label the box or basket if necessary, and stick them in the attic, basement, or closet.


Stacks of paper often abound in a house – bills to pay, ledgers, bank statements, mail that hasn’t been gone through.

To get it out of sight fast but still leave it in a state that allows you to go through it later, grab file folders, label them (“to read,” “bank statements,” “misc. mail”) and dump the appropriate papers into them.

Stick the folders in a file cabinet or drawer out of sight.


Plump up throw pillows and couch cushions.

Take ten minutes tops and run the vacuum quickly over the surface of the upholstery to remove dirt or pet hair.

How to Clean your House Step by Step


You’d be surprised at how much a difference dusting can make!

Use a feather duster to do a quick go-over of the most obvious areas of the room – the corners of the ceilings you see from the front doorway, for instance, or the top of the coffee table that guests will see and use.

I love using microfiber towels for my everyday cleaning. I just wet them a little bit and wipe down all the surfaces. Microfiber towels can clean any surface and natural cleaning properties so there’s no need for cleaning chemicals.

Don’t worry about the tops of picture frames or mirrors.


Don’t sweat the floors too much.

Guests are going to track in dirt and drop crumbs anyway, and they will likely assume that any floor mess was brought in by them!

Quickly shake out welcome mats and rugs that lie in the entryway so the first thing guests see is fairly clean.

Grab the broom and spend five minutes sweeping the entrance, porch and steps. Don’t worry about the driveway.


Make sure there’s enough toilet paper.

Run the toilet brush around the bowl; no need for cleaners if you’re just doing a quick clean.

Use disposable bleach wipes to run over the surface of the toilet seat and bowl.

Throw kids’ bath toys into a bin and put it in the bathtub and close the shower curtain. Dump the trash can.

Close the doors

If there are rooms and closets you just don’t want your guests to see and that aren’t necessary for the party (like your bedroom or the basement), feel free to close doors.

It finishes of the space to make it look clean and tidy.


If you have time to go out and throw the trash to your dumpster fo ahead. If not just empty it into another trash bin in another bedroom where your guest will for sure not be going into.

Boom! You’re ready for guests. If you really go through this quickly, it can take 10-15 minutes to get this all done.

Ready to get your home in better shape?

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The Best Tips & Tricks to Spring Cleaning your Home Fast (And what not to do)

Quickly clean your home this year with my Spring Cleaning tips and tricks! How to get it done fast and what to avoid doing.

Spring Cleaning is beautiful time of year where it’s literally out with the old and in with the new. If you are wondering how to tackle Spring Cleaning, this year then read on.

The Best Spring Cleaning Tips

In an effort to be transparent, this blog uses affiliates links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission on qualifying purchases. So heads up, there my be some in this post!

Tips for Spring Cleaning Fast

Spring cleaning is an essential time of the year that can change the way you feel about your home, and even your life.

A time to get rid of the old, and bring on the new… spring cleaning can make your home feel like a brand new one.

If this is your first year, it can be difficult to get started, so here are a few ideas you can implement that will allow you to get your spring cleaning done in a timely fashion.

Have a Plan in place

When you embark on spring cleaning, it helps to have a plan ready to follow.

Of course you will want to be flexible and go with the flow when unexpected events arise, but you will find it is much easier to stay on track when you have a list prepared beforehand of what you wish to accomplish.

Whether it is brief or detailed is up to you, as long as it is there.

Schedule in Breaks

You will most certainly be working hard while spring cleaning, but you don’t want to burn out.

Be sure to schedule in some breaks for yourself.

Even a 15-minute break once every few hours will keep your spirits up. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and grab a snack during this time, as it will give you the energy necessary to stick to the task.

Set a Goal & Reward

From young to old, we all love a great reward.

When you have a huge task such as spring cleaning to accomplish, it can help to give yourself a specific goal, and reward yourself with something special when that goal has been achieved.

Whether you want to go out for dinner when finished, or get a pedicure with a friend, you deserve to be pampered after all your hard work.

This will give you something to look forward to, and to motivate you when you are feeling burnt out and ready to quit.

Set a Timer

The best challenge is a challenge against yourself.

When you are engaging in spring cleaning, give yourself the challenge of beating your own speed.

Set a timer and try to beat the minutes or hours you spent in the last room. Be creative in your challenges, and the time will fly by.

Play your Favorite Music

Nothing makes cleaning more bearable than some good music.

Gather your favorite tunes and prepare a special spring cleaning playlist. Lively music with a good, strong beat is one of the best ways to keep your energy up when you have a big job ahead.

Spring cleaning can take as little or as long as you let it. If you are trying to get your organizing done in as little time as possible, there are ways to give you the extra boost you need.

Use some of these tips as motivation, and you will notice how much easier it is to keep on track and get the job done. A squeaky clean, organized home comes to those who persist.

Spring Cleaning Hacks

Most of us are familiar with spring cleaning. There are, however, a few tips we can take from the pros that will make it more efficient and manageable.

What are some secrets that every individual should know that can help make the process run more smoothly?

Top to Bottom

This is a basic rule that is always wise.

When spring cleaning, begin cleaning at the top of each room and continue on toward the bottom.

For example, begin with washing walls, then cleaning furniture and tables, and finally give the floor a thorough cleaning.

Most particles generally fall downwards, and this secret ensures that you will not clean the floor, only to have dust and other junk fall from furniture as you move to the next step.

Keep, Donate or Toss

When you are going through anything from old clothing to extra clutter, keep this simple rule in mind: keep, donate, or trash.

Always divide the items into three piles as you sort them.

Keep the items you love, donate the items that are in good condition but someone else can put to better use, and trash anything with damage. This makes every pile easier to deal with and to organize.

One Year Rule

Most professionals have at least a variant of this particular rule, which says that if you have not used an item for at least one year, you probably shouldn’t keep it.

There are exceptions to this rule, but it is a good general idea.

When deciding whether to keep or toss an item, think about when you last used it, and if it has been too long, it is likely useless and taking up valuable space.

The Best Spring cleaning tips


Any professional will gladly remind you that the fewer items you have, the less you will have to clean and organize later on.

As mentioned before – when you are going through your home during spring cleaning, think about what you can live without.

Get rid of unnecessary items whenever possible.

Work in Sections

One tried and true method for making spring cleaning easier to handle is by working in segments in your home. If you attempt to tackle everything at once, you will soon be overwhelmed.

Move through your home room by room, and corner by corner. In no time at all, you will have completed your entire list.

Spring cleaning is not always an easy task, but if you follow a few simple principles, you will make it much easier on yourself.

With these secrets, and a little work, you will soon have your home looking beautiful once again.

Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

When you are trying to do a thorough cleaning in your home, the best intentions can be laid waste when you fall into the trap of some of these mistakes.

If you know what they are ahead of time, it is easier to avoid them.

Keep these things in mind when you are about to do your annual spring cleaning, or any other time you have an important cleaning job ahead of you.

The Best Spring Cleaning Tips

Doing it alone

Spring cleaning is not the time to act independently of everyone else. If there is any way you can get a helping hand from someone else, be sure to take it.

Motivate all family members to take part, and make lists for each person in the household. If you live alone, see if one or more of your friends will swap time with each other to act as a spring cleaning team, taking turns working through each person’s home.

Overcomplicate It

Spring cleaning is time-consuming, but it is not rocket science. Stick to the basics and work hard, and you won’t get sidetracked by unnecessary details.

Along the same lines, don’t feel you have to buy every fancy, new cleaning scrub, spray, or cleaning contraption to get the job done right.

Sometimes it is the tried and true solutions that work the best. Use natural substances such as vinegar and baking soda for your cleaning.

Don’t buy new items that are unnecessary, or that are not worth the money for the small amount of effort that they save.

Going too Fast

When you rush through something as important as spring cleaning, you will almost always regret it later.

Spring cleaning is a big job, and not the time to rush yourself or anyone else helping.

Take your time and make sure you do things right, as this will save you time spent correcting your mistakes later.

Going too Slow

It is always good to take your time, but it is equally important not to move too slowly when spring cleaning.

If you do not stick to at least a basic schedule, you will soon become disheartened when you see no progress.

Keep yourself motivated however possible, so that the changes you make will propel you to do even more.

Being Unprepared

There is nothing more irritating than getting into your cleaning clothes, putting on some upbeat music, rolling up your sleeves, and then realizing you do not have the necessary equipment to complete your task.

Make a list at the beginning of what tasks you will complete each day, and then figure out what supplies are necessary to complete each one.

Visit the store and have everything on hand so that when the time comes, you can get right into cleaning without any delays.

Spring cleaning is an important time of the year. It’s a good idea to remind yourself why it is so important.

A proper spring cleaning will give you a healthier space to live in. Being organized improves your mental health, and gives you clarity you cannot find when you are surrounded by a mess.

Because it is so important, you will want to avoid making unnecessary mistakes such as the ones above. This will allow you to do the job in the most efficient manner possible.

Ready to get your home in better shape?

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How to Get Kids Involved in Cleaning

Do you dread cleaning? Is it hard to get your kids in on it? You may have given up and just do everything yourself.

But everyone enjoys the benefits of a clean house, so everyone should pitch in! Here are some creative tips to get your kids involved in spring cleaning.

How to Get your Kids to Clean

In an effort to be transparent, this blog uses affiliates links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission on qualifying purchases. So heads up, there my be some in this post!

Give Up Control

First, it’s important that you give up a certain amount of control.

It will only create frustration for you and your kids if you go back and redo something they’ve done “wrong,” and your kids may wonder what the point of helping is if you’re just going to do it your way anyhow.

Once you’ve shown your kids how to do something and made your specifications known, let them get it done their way, and leave it alone.

So they don’t fold the towels so the rolls face outward; so the windows have some streaks.

You can do a quick touch up when they’re in school! 😉

Reward Them

Nagging is not a good idea according to experts (and many nagged family members agree!).

Instead, incentivize!

Make spring cleaning something positive. Here are some incentive tips:

  • Toddlers and preschoolers might find it more fun to sort through piles of their stuff if there’s a prize at the bottom…just make sure the prize is only theirs if they sort, fold, and/or put away the items in the pile, not just dig through it.
  • The whole family might enjoy a treat after a day of spring cleaning – maybe everyone can go out to a favorite restaurant, or you can order take-out or pizza.
  • Is there a movie your family has been wanting to see? They can go if they help with spring cleaning!
  • If your kids like playing computer games, maybe they’d enjoy a new game or two as a reward for helping. Everyone can settle down and enjoy their entertainment after a busy day.
  • Don’t forget yourself – treat yourself to a good book, a special meal, or some other treat to keep your motivation.

With the right approach, there’s no reason why spring cleaning can’t be a family event!

Make it Age Appropriate

One fast way to discourage your kids from participating is to assign tasks that are not appropriate for their ages.

Make sure that tasks are appropriately challenging so that your kids have the satisfaction of a job well done – they feel like they’ve really achieved something.

Here are some quick tips for age-appropriate spring cleaning chores:

  • Vacuuming can be done by preschoolers if they just need to push the vacuum through a small, simple space. Grade schoolers can vacuum a larger space or more than one room. Teens can vacuum the whole upstairs.
  • Mopping can also be assigned to toddlers with supervision – they can put soap into the bucket and push the mop around. Grade schoolers can mop a whole kitchen if you carry the bucket of hot water and soap to the area. Teens can be given a bucket, mop and soap, and can do the job from start to finish.
  • Window cleaning for toddlers might involve spraying the windows while you wipe. Grade school age can spray and wipe easy-to-reach windows. Teens can do inside and outside windows.

At What Age Should my Kids start cleaning

Do you think your toddler is too young to help you with cleaning? Is your teenager too laid-back, or your grade schooler just not interested?

Part of the problem might be the approach – if you break down cleaning into age-appropriate tasks, it can become a tradition in your family and your kids will be encouraged if their tasks are something they can do.

Here are some ideas for getting kids of all ages involved in cleaning the home.

Toddlers & PreSchoolers

Yes, they can help – just make sure you aren’t expecting perfection. When you give your child a task, remember that you relinquish control of that task.

For children this young, here are some ideas:

  • Rinsing the car after washing, or helping wash the car. It doesn’t have to be a big deal; any small child can rub a soapy sponge over a car. You will have to supervise, but that’s okay.
  • Pushing the vacuum cleaner is another task little ones can perform. Assign them a certain area of the floor or a room, and let them go. Just make sure small stuff is picked up off the floor first!
  • Dusting with a feather duster can be fun for little ones – just make sure there’s nothing breakable in their path.

Grade School Age Kids

Kids from first grade on up to third grade can do more than the little ones.

  • This age can help go through toys and separate them into bins or piles marked “Keep,” “Give Away” and “Throw Away.” If you use bins, it can help make the “Keep” section smaller – only what fits in the bin can be kept.
  • Laundry chores can involve folding simple things like towels and dishcloths.
  • Washing windows – as long as it doesn’t involve ladders – is something doable.

How to Get your Kids to Clean!


More responsibility can be incurred at this age.

  • Laundry chores can be more involved, and may include loading, washing, drying, and folding.
  • Cleaning out closets and organizing can often be carried out without your close supervision.
  • Bathroom cleaning can take the form of washing out sinks and bathtubs.
  • Mopping the floors with a sponge mop can work for this age.


Many adult tasks can be done by teens, and their help is much more like “real” help!

  • Laundry can be done start to finish.
  • Vacuuming, dusting, mopping and window washing are all appropriate for teens.
  • Teens can take care of their own rooms – just make your expectations known.
  • In general, it’s a good idea to offer incentives and rewards (not bribes) to your kids for helping out.
  • Everyone deserves a treat for a job well done, such as candy for young ones, or take-out night for older ones.
  • Approach them respectfully, ask for their help and think like a team, and reward everyone – that’s a winning situation!

4 Ways to Make Cleaning Fun for Kids

Are you worn out with trying to get your kids to help you clean?

You’re not alone! Nagging is no fun for anyone, and it doesn’t often get things done. And when kids do give in to nagging, the job may get done but you’ve probably got some resentment going on – both on your part and your kids’.

A peaceful solution may lie in sneaky cleaning – getting your kids to help without them realizing it, or make it so fun it doesn’t seem like work.

Here are some ideas for “tricking” your kids into helping you!

Magic Cleaning Spray

For young kids, tapping into their active imaginations is key to getting their help.

Find a spray bottle (maybe decorate it or let your child decorate it, or buy an inexpensive “special” one at the store) and fill it with cleaner.

Pretend like it’s magic spray that transforms dirty things into clean things, or pretend it makes objects come alive.

You can give the various objects different voices as they “come alive” during your cleaning spree.

Vacuum Tornado

Pretending once again, show your young child(ren) how a vacuum creates suction like a tornado.

Pretend it’s sucking up dirt and debris on a landscape, and toys and other items need to get to the “storm shelter” (toy bins) before they get sucked up by the tornado.

You could take the storm fantasy a little further and use it to disassemble block buildings and other things that need to be taken down and put away.

Water Fight

How many times have you told your child to wash the car?

Forget the nagging – make it into a water fight.

Fill a kids’ pool with sudsy water and let them fling suds on each other. Make designs with the suds on the car with the sponge.

Then rinse by letting kids take turns getting in the car with the windows up and the other one squirting at the glass. Let them run the windshield wipers.

You will have a clean car, and the kids will get exercise.

You can also use a variation of this method for getting the lawn watered. Set up sprinklers and let your kids jump through them, or just let them play with the hose on the designated area to be watered.

Just make sure they don’t make mud holes!

Give Items Personality

For some reason, kids will often listen to their toys more readily than they will listen to grown-ups.

Try giving your child’s toys personalities and voices, and have the toys “ask” to be put away. “I’m lonely and uncomfortable here on the floor!

I wish someone would put me in the toy box with my friends. I bet they are having a party in there, and I am all left out.”

Your child may take this idea and run with it, paying attention to other items that need to be put with their “friends.”

He or she may even make up a story about it. And while they’re at it, the toys get put away!

Ready to get your home in better shape?

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Spring Cleaning for Beginners: What is it and what are the benefits

Spring is finally here which means Spring Cleaning! But many ask: What is the point? In this post we uncover the benefits of Spring Cleaning.

What is Spring Cleaning (and what it isn’t) plus why you need to get on the Spring Cleaning bandwagon.

What is Spring Cleaning

In an effort to be transparent, this blog uses affiliates links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission on qualifying purchases. So heads up, there my be some in this post!

What is Spring Cleaning?

As the weather warms up, many of us begin to feel motivated to do a good spring cleaning in and around our homes.

Spring cleaning is an essential part of clearing out the stuffy remnants of winter and making room for the new.

There are a few misconceptions about spring cleaning, and it is important to clear those up before embarking on your mission.

Here is spring cleaning in a nutshell… what it is and is not.

It’s a fresh start

By the time we are a few months into the year, most of us can use another fresh start.

When winter begins to fade into spring, we are ready for a chance to get rid of the old and get on with the new.

Spring cleaning gives us that chance to turn over a new leaf, and clean our way into a fresh mindset.

Time to Organize

Spring cleaning is not just about wiping away the grease and taking a swish at the dust.

It is a great time to make an extensive list to follow, both now and on smaller levels for the future.

Find ideas on the internet or in books about home organization. Add to the lists anything that is specific to you and your home so that no stone is left unturned in the process.

A Good Thorough Cleaning

Spring cleaning is not just your average weekly chores.

Spring cleaning gives us a chance to turn everything over and clear out the cobwebs, literally and figuratively.

Spring cleaning is a thorough change from the way we are currently living. It is a chance to get things moving back into the right direction if our standards have slipped at any point.

Spring Cleaning is not

All or nothing

As much as you may want to do as thorough a cleaning as possible, don’t go overboard.

Do your best to make your home sparkly and bright, but give yourself a break when necessary.

We should strive for clean, functional homes… but they must also be liveable. Do your best, and then relax with the results you acquire.

Spring Cleaning is not just about cleaning

Spring cleaning is generally focused on turning your home into a better, more organized version of its previous state.

However, there are plenty other things in your life that you can focus on when you are finished.

Spend some of your time spring cleaning your car, and you will once again be able to enjoy your drive to and from work every day. Extend spring cleaning to your purse, and you will be able to find what you need more quickly when you are away from home.

Spring cleaning has many benefits and is something every individual should embark on. It is a great time to make your home feel like a brand new place, but your spring cleaning endeavors can extend to whatever part of your life you choose.

Go through a mental checklist of every area in your life that needs some overhauling, and find ways to make those changes.

With a little bit of organization and a lot of effort, you will have a beautiful home and surrounding area to enjoy once again.

What is Spring Cleaning

Seven Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a great idea for anyone who lives in their own home. Whether you have a large or small space, every dwelling needs a good thorough cleaning on a regular basis.

Spring cleaning brings many benefits, and here is a list of the important ones.

1. Health

Spring cleaning is a great workout.

It may be surprising to some, but both light and heavy housework give your body a boost. You may be surprised at what a sweat you work up while getting your home into tip-top shape.

You can be sure to move your muscles, stimulate your lymphatic system, and even get a bit of cardio in while organizing items and scrubbing walls.

2. You can give back

One of spring cleaning’s outcomes is finding things that we realize we do not need.

This is a great time to give away what we cannot use anymore to someone who can benefit from our unwanted items.

When you have sorted through clothing that no longer fits, appliances you no longer use, and books that your children have outgrown, you have a choice what you will do with it all.

Consider donating to a charity or someone in need.

The feeling of satisfaction will be worth all the time and effort you put into it.

3. Happiness

Having a clean home is a great feeling.

A cluttered, messy environment can wreak havoc on one’s emotions.

Being able to come home every day to a space that is tidy and organized is a great gift you can give to yourself.

What is Spring Cleaning

4. Pride

No one wants to invite their friends over to a home that appears uncared for.

It is embarrassing when your home is in disarray, and someone calls out of the blue and asks to drop by.

When your home has been through a detailed spring cleaning, you will feel proud about the way it appears.

Inviting guests over will be a pleasure for you, and for them as well.

5. Time

Time is yet another benefit of spring cleaning.

When you have to dig through a pile of clothing to find a small piece you have misplaced, or search yet again for the keys or shoes you lose on a consistent basis, valuable time is being lost.

Spring cleaning saves time, as it give you a change to reorganize.

It allows you to sort through everything you own once again, and give each tiny item a place of its own in order to be easily found each and every time.

6. Organization

To be organized is a great feeling.

When you are organized, life runs more smoothly. If your home is orderly, both you and your guests will feel the difference.

It will be easier to go about your daily duties, and keep on top of everything you are responsible for.

7. Stress Relief

It is a depressing feeling to wake up to disorder every single morning.

Many people can attest to the fact that living in an untidy environment brings you a great amount of unnecessary stress.

Spring cleaning will ensure that your home feels peaceful, rather than the chaos that you may have been forced to become used to.

There are many benefits of spring cleaning, and these are just a few. Consider all the bonuses that this yearly ritual will bring you.

Keep yourself going through the hard work with the thoughts of everything you will gain.

Spring Cleaning Your Life

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to clear out everything that you do not need.

Often times it is not only your home that needs a yearly scouring, but also other parts of your life.

This is a time to analyze what is working for you and what is not. Here are some areas to keep in mind when making these changes.

Mental & Emotional

This may be one of the most important areas in need of spring cleaning.

If we do not take care of our mental or emotional health, we will find it difficult to maintain health in any other area.

Spring cleaning in this area may include analyzing which things in your life make you happy, and which things have the opposite effect.

If possible, make a decision to change situations that are not contributing to mental wellness. Spring cleaning this area may also include making time to speak with a counselor or therapist.


Most of us have a desire to live well, and to treat our body right. However, over time this resolve may slip.

Indulging in an unhealthy treat every now and then may become a regular occurrence, and our diets and lifestyles can slip drastically.

Take a look at everything you do in regards to eating and exercise. Are you supplying your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive and feel energetic?

Exercise is essential to prevent a wide variety of diseases… are you making time for it?

Spring cleaning is a great time to do a lifestyle overhaul.


Are you where you wish to be career-wise?

When you think about what you want most in life, is your career helping you achieve that dream?

Spring cleaning is a good time to take a look at even this area of your life, and decide whether you should keep on going, or look for another more personally gratifying way to bring in an income.

What is Spring Cleaning


What goals have you been working toward?

Are the things you strive for still a good indication of who you are inside?

If your original goals no longer reflect the real you, now is a great time to make some changes to your list, and begin to pursue things that truly reflect your authenticity.


How busy are you? Is your schedule manageable, or do you find yourself with never enough time?

Being involved in too many things is not supportive of your health and wellness, and you may need to cut out a few activities to find time to indulge in some healthy relaxation.


What kind of relationships are you involved in?

From family to friends, do your relationships build you up or destroy you?

Spring cleaning is a good time to take stock of who you are spending your relationship currency on.

You may find that you wish to spend less energy on someone who does not have your best interest at heart, in order to have more of yourself to give to those who do.

Spring cleaning is a perfect opportunity to make a move from things that are no longer serving you well.

It is a time of reflection and taking every detail in your life into account.

Use this time to clear out the old habits that are holding you back. You will soon be on your way to a new lifestyle filled with the things that bring you energy and joy.

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Top Ways to Eat Healthy this Summer: Best Time Saving Tips and Tricks

Do you struggle to eat healthy in the summer? In this post I uncover my best tips to eating healthy during the summer break!

The best part is, you won’t have to be stuck in the kitchen all day. You’ll actually be able to enjoy the summer with the rest of you family.


In an effort to be transparent, this blog uses affiliates links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission on qualifying purchases. So heads up, there my be some in this post!

How to Eat Healthy

Summer is near and the kids are almost out on break. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the kitchen!

While it tends to be a little easier to eat healthy during the summer, since there are lots of fruits and veggies in your meals, it still requires a bit of planning.

The tips below will help you get prepared and have the healthiest summer yet.

Always keep produce available

Summer is the perfect time to indulge in all the fresh produce available. It’s so easy to add something fresh to every meal or just as a snack.

To save money and take advantage of seasonal produce, try heading to a nearby farmer’s market. these tend to have local farmers that grew the produce right out of their very own backyard.

A lot of them do so organically too, which means they don’t use any harsh chemicals, and you get that farm-to-table freshness.

BONUS: This is also a really fun (and budget friendly) activity for the summer that the whole family can enjoy!

Make Smoothies

Put that fresh produce to use and make at home smoothies! Before you go running out to the nearest Jamba Juice, remember that those often are full of added sugars.

So just put your blender to good use and make your own drinks at home. Smoothies are a great way to get hidden veggies into your kids diet and they are so refreshing in the summer.

It gives you that sweet, sugary flavor you like during the summer, without all that added sugar a store bought one will have. When you make it at home, you have full control over every ingredient.

Alternatively, you can get a juicer or use the one you already have to make fresh juice. YUM!

Buy Lean Protein

Sometimes in the summer we can gravitate to barbecues and steak but red meat can be harmful if ate in large amounts.

Lean protein is also important to add to your diet so that it is well-balanced and provides enough nutrients to give you energy during the day.

During the summer, poultry and fish are your best friends. Not only does it tend to be less expensive than red meat, but it is lighter while still leaving you full.

Get some chicken breasts, or cook whole chickens, and get a good amount of fish and seafood. Shrimp, salmon, tuna, and halibut are all great for the summer.

Time Saving Tips

While Summer is known to be full of fun activities it’s really hot and sticky.  No one wants to cook on a hot day in a hot kitchen!

The good news is, there are so many ways to eat healthy in summer without slaving away in the kitchen all day.

Here are six tips that can help you plan for when the weather is at its hottest.

1. Freezer Meals

There are many ways to create quick and easy summer meals and freezer meals has to be #1 for me.

This technique is called Batch Cooking.

When you are preparing for a meal, make an extra portion (or two) and put it in the freezer.  Another way to make a bunch of freezer meals that are healthy is to create them on a schedule like with meal prepping.

You can freeze so many things from rice to noodles.  You might be thinking those don’t take long to cook, but when you’ve got a soup or casserole and you want to add something quickly to it – having those types of foods in the freezer can come in handy.

Some of the most popular freezer meals are casseroles, and dump bags for the slow cooker.

2. Slow Cooker

You might think of the slow cooker as a winter appliance, but you’re missing out on wonderful meals, especially those easy freezer meals you prepared ahead of time.  😉

Dump them into the slow cooker insert and turn it on low.  Let it cook while you’re out for a day of fun and by the time you get home you will have dinner waiting.

3. Left overs

One of the easiest ways to save time in the kitchen is to have left overs.

A good way to ensure left overs is cook a double batch. So instead of freezing a meal, you’d cook an extra or half portion.

You’ll already be cooking so adding a second dish to the oven won’t take any extra time at all. The next day you’ll be glad you did!

4. Meal Planning

Nothing is worse then being paralyzed in front of your fridge not knowing what to cook.

Plan your weekly meals ahead, that way prepping is easier and faster.

If you are just horrible at making meal plans, there are apps that will do it for you. My favorite is Mealime.

They include the menu for the week, plus the grocery list to go with the recipes.  You then print off the list, as well as the recipes and you are good to go. You can customize your food preferences as well as the type of diet you are on.

5. Meal Prep

Similar to freezer meals, with meal prep you can prepare food ahead of time.

The big difference between the two is that freezer meals are complete ready to go meals while meal prep can be ingredients that can be used in many ways.

There are several easy foods that can be precooked or prepped before, so that you can grab something quickly and throw it together for a meal.

Grilled chicken can go with so many dishes and is easy to prep during the weekend.

Cook, cut and prepare all the meals for the week ahead.  This can include the salads, grilling chicken, cooking beans or marinating meat.

Prepping saves you time and is a great way to make an easy meal.

6. Cold Meals

My most favorite thing to do is to find recipes where I don’t have to cook at all. 😂

These can include pasta salads, green salads, sandwiches and fruit salads.  By boiling the pasta ahead of time you can save time with that.

Even a whole bunch of finger foods or appetizers for dinner on occasion would be fun for the family and easy on you.

Eating healthy during the summer can be challenging when the weather is hot.  By planning ahead, you can create a better food choice than going to get some fast food.

7. Grill

One easy way to make fun, flavorful and healthy meals is to use the grill.  Not only are you getting outside, but whatever you cook will be healthier for you.

Grilling is a huge past time and many people enjoy preparing food on it during the weekend. But, you can definitely make use of the grill during the week as well.

Not only will it keep your house from getting warm while using it, but grilling is a healthy way to eat food.

Pick lean meats for added benefits, but the great thing about grills is that they don’t hold the fats in the pan while it is being cooked.  They liquefy and drip down into the BBQ, producing naturally low-fat meals.

Grilling takes very little time to prepare.  Put your vegetables in foil or right on the grill, then the side dish can also be something simple like potatoes or corn with seasoning in foil.

5 Reasons to Grill

There are a lot of reasons to use the grill for your dinner.  Grilling provides a unique taste that people love and it’s also fun to cook your meal outdoors.

When cooking outdoors people are generally more active and that means socializing in the backyard while the grill is cooking.  Kids can be playing and getting their exercise, while also having fun.

Did you know that grilling can be a really healthy way to cook?  Here are five reasons you should consider cooking on the grill all year long if you’re able to:

1. You can grill Fruit

It can be a lot of fun making more interesting vegetable dishes when you are using a barbecue grill.

Aside from the standard produce that is often grilled, such as corn on the cob and potatoes, think a little outside the box.

For example, you might want to grill up fruit like peaches, pineapple, and mango slices. You can throw just about any vegetable you like on the grill, such as zucchini and other squash, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots.

It’s a great way to make fruits and veggies fun to eat.

2. Vegetables Keep Nutrition

Another thing to keep in mind with grilling, is that vegetables have the ability to retain more of their vitamins and nutrients when they are cooked slower.

When you try to rapidly cook your meals with vegetables in them, a lot of those nutrients are cooked away due to the speed at which you are preparing the meals. This is very common with vegetable dishes that are microwaved, sautéed, or baked.

On a grill, the cooking process takes longer, so you end up with a healthier meal by the end of it.

3. Less Fat

Because of the way the grill is made, all the fat that comes off from the meat will liquefy and drip down. This means, all of that fat which the meat normally cooks in, is filtered away from the food.

Don’t forget to look for the leanest cuts available when eating a healthy diet.

Even though the meat has less fat when it is cooked on the grill, that doesn’t mean you should buy the fattiest piece. Portions should still be taken into consideration.

4. Use Less Butter & Oil

Think of the fact that when you grill your food, you are getting enough grease naturally off your meats and vegetables, plus plenty of natural seasonings. This means butter or oil is rarely necessary.

5. Meat Tastes Great

Since you are not using as much butter or sauces on the grill, you are getting delicious meat that is also better for you!

With the grill, all you really need is some seasoning and herbs, and maybe a very light marinade. You get that full meaty taste along with those spices you used for your food.

These are just 5 reasons to grill for a healthier diet. Grilling is super quick and easy too, so if you’re looking to reduce effort, as well as eat healthier, grilling is definitely worth doing.

Try them all out and see which ones work best for you and your family.