How to create the perfect blog growth strategy

so that you can start making money even though you are completely overwhelmed!

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Do you have this problem...?

You want to spend more time working on your blogging business but you just can’t seem to find where to fit it in? You are TOTALLY consumed by your daily tasks on top of starting up a business?


You have so much to do that you just shut down and do nothing?


Even if you did manage to find some time you wouldn’t even know where to start!


The Blog Growth System will help you

Create a custom launch plan strategy

In 8 weeks without giving up doing the things you love or working on growing your business

This program is for you even if… you feel like you have bad time management, aren’t organized or are too overwhelmed to even know where to start!

This 8 Week Coaching Program will walk you through 4 Phases of Creating and Perfecting a custom strategy and Building Goals for Yourself so that you can take it with you for the rest of your blogging career.

Are you ready to:

Create a Custom Strategy so that you won’t even have to waste time trying to make one yourself

Learn Time Management Hacks so that you can realistically implement those new strategies to fit YOU

Build a Content Marketing System so that you can KNOW exactly what to post every week without skipping a beat

Make Goals for Yourself so that you can identify what it is you actually NEED to do and how to achieve your DREAMS

Hey I'm Jeanette Giselle

I help mom bloggers find the perfect balance of managing their time to follow their passions!

Hey there!
I’m a mom of three kids (6 and under) and I run this blogging business + coaching service. 
I have been blogging now for over three years and when I started I STRUGGLED so much finding time to be a great mom and also follow my dreams.
After a year I began to think that I should either hold off or quit all together! 
I decided to keep pushing forward and that is how I came up with this Blog Growth System!
Now I don’t have to choose between my family or my business nor do I ever worry about keeping up with my blog – the system does it for me!
Now I’m here ready to share my secrets and show you how it’s possible for you too.

How The Blog growth System works

It's the perfect place for bloggers looking for a mentor who's been there and has a proven system!

Phase 1: The Foundation

In the first phase, we discover the BEST type of foundation that works for YOU. We begin with the basics of choosing your niche, identifying the perfect ways you can make money in that niche and the best pillar posts to get started with.

Phase 2: The System

In Phase 2 we build the systems that we worked to identify in Phase 1. We find the best ways for you to accomplish your goals in a realistic manner. Based off of your life and goals we can work on a content marketing strategy that works for you.

Phase 3: Goal Planning

In Phase 3 you will learn all about your goals. We will discover what they are, the steps we need to take to accomplish them and what we can do to make them bigger or better!

Phase 4: Launching

In Phase 4 is where we see all the moving parts go to work. This is mainly where we will tweak, refine and make adjustments to anything that didn't work and make it GREAT.

what you will get:

Create a Custom System that  WORKS for You and Your Business
Are you tired of downloading all the freebies? Taking all the courses? Guess what.. they don’t work because they weren’t built for you! In the program we create one step by step that works with YOUR life!

Create a Game Plan that WORKS based off your Goals and Dreams
You can finally stop worrying about if what you’re doing is working because we will be creating a step by step process to achieving them.

A System that Grows with YOU!
The Blog Growth System is designed to be implemented over and over again so when life happens (and it will) you can simply come back and start fresh without skipping a beat!

A Mentor and Friend who Has Been There Too
The BEST part (in my opinion) is that because I have already grown my blog and have been past where you are now I can not only help with your blog but I will TOTALLY understand you as a blogger. 

stop wasting your time copying other's Strategies

and instead create your own Blog Growth system!

Step by Step Instruction

We will work on this together from beginning to end! You will not have to struggle with feeling overwhelmed about not knowing where to start because I GOT YOU!

Build the Right Systems

Through my 4 Phase process, we will identify, build, implement and systemize your entire blogging process! And with the Blog Growth System Workbook you will have an actionable guide to walk you through every step of the way.

Do Less, More Efficiently

The Blog Growth System is not to make you “perfect” or to make you “stop procrastination.” It’s about building strategies to get what needs to get done more efficiently so that you can do less of it.

Enjoy the Freedom

ELIMINATE the guilt of not spending enough time with your family and create the FREEDOM to enjoy your time doing what you love!

Now its your turn! register below & let's work together!

Ready to Transform your Business?

One on One Coaching Options

I understand that everyone’s blogging journey can be in different places which is why I have multiple options to choose from.


I offer different service and packages to work with your EXACT needs!

DFY (Done For You)

This is perfect if you just want to hand off the set up process of a brand new WordPress blog. Services include integrating your host to WordPress, installing a new theme, necessary plugins, and any content available (pages, posts, etc)

VIP Launch Plan

This is program is for YOU if you are brand new to blogging and need a plan that takes you from A-Z! We plan out content, money making options and how to start building/monetizing your business.

The Blog Audit

Already have a blog set up but it's not generating money, leads or traffic? Then this program is for you! In this program, I will audit your entire blog and create a new strategy to help build off of all the hard work you already put in it!

Here are the details...

All of the one on one coaching programs offer weekly live coaching sessions along with customer support. Each coaching session will be an HOUR long.

Customer Support has a 24 Hour turn around and meetings will be picked by YOU using an automated calendar booking system. 

Done for You

Project Based Coaching Call
Facebook Community
Blog Growth Workbook
Perfect for One Time Coaching

VIP Launch Plan

8 Live Coaching Lessons
Facebook Community
Custom Growth Plan
Email Customer Support

The Blog Audit

8 Live Coaching Lessons
Facebook Community
Blog Audit Report
Email Customer Support

P.S. If you have any questions you can book a free 15 minute strategy call with me so you can KNOW exactly how working with me will transform you. Click the link above ❤️


Most frequent questions and answers

The one on one coaching programs are 8 Weeks. The DFY package is project based depending on how much work is discussed (typically) 3-5 business days turn around. 

One on One Coaching would be a private video call through Zoom. I will provide you with my calendar link and can choose which days. You will have a call once per week for 8 weeks. 

If you are unable to make the one time payment option we do have payment plans available. If you have been effected by COVID and need a more flexible payment options email me directly at [email protected]

Due to the nature of the program, I do not offer refunds but if you are not happy during the program, I can remove you and stop all future charges.

If you feel like you want to continue working on your goals together at the end of your program we can discuss extending your coaching package. 

I offer email customer support. Once you on board you will be given a client portal account where you will have access to all important documents, our weekly schedules and an internal email system for us to communicate.

Let's discover how you can achieve the success you want, make money and make an impact in your niche!

Book a free 15 minute strategy call with me so you can KNOW exactly how working with me will transform you. Click the link above ❤️