Have you ever just finished mopping and thought “Why are my floors still dirty?”

It’s happened to me tons of times and left me wanting to ditch my standard string mop. I did some research and found the best way to clean my floors without a mop.

How to Clean your Floors without a Mop

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What can I use instead of a mop?

One of the worst feelings ever is looking at your freshly washed floors and see that they still look dirty. So what are your alternatives to standard mopping?

The best way to clean your floors without a mop is to do it by hand. This can be as easy as grabbing a sponge and bucket of water with a little solution and scrubbing the floors by hand. An easier way to do this is to use a microfiber cloth and use your broom to scrub your floor. However, if you still want to use a floor cleaning tool just not a standard mop then lets uncover some of your options.

Cleaning floors by hand

Like I mentioned above, the simplest way to wash your floors is by getting on your hands and knees and manually scrubbing it.

You’ll need a bucket, microfiber cloth (or sponge) and some sort of cleaning solution. Regardless of what you use (dish soap or floor cleaner) make sure to use a small amount. Using too much can result in build up on your floors ultimately making it sticky.

If you don’t want to get on your hands and knees, you can use your broom with a microfiber cloth around it and clean like you normally would with a mop.

Your last option is to use your feet. This is best for spot cleaning messes. You can spray some diluted solution directly onto the mess and then with your cloth over it use your foot to scrub out the stain.

Best Mop Alternatives

If you are trying to find the top tool to use to clean your floor without having to use a standard string mop (you know, the kinds that janitors use) then you have many options.

Mopping is my least favorite thing to do when it comes to cleaning which is why I like to use something that will get my floors super clean with as little effort as possible. With that said, your two best alternatives are either getting a steam mop or a robot mop.

Below you can read more on how those two floor cleaning tools work.

Steam Mop

A steam mop is your best bet for getting a clean floor without breaking your back. Steam mops allow you to quickly sanitize your floors without the need for chemicals.

Steam mops are multi use meaning you can clean large areas, bathrooms floors and even appliances and furniture. (Some steam mops even have attachments to steam your clothes!)

How do Steam Mops work?

So now, you may be wondering how these floor cleaning machines work.

Steam mops are an easy way to clean and sanitize floors – no chemicals needed! Heat is known to kill bacteria on contact and that’s exactly how these work.

If you choose to use chemicals you can simply spray the surface and then go over it with the steam mop. It takes roughly 10-15 SECONDS to kill bacteria with steam.

Most steam mop pads are microfiber which is know to penetrate deeper into the surface than a conventional mop.

The pads are machine washable so long term you’ll be saving money on cleaning products, switching out mops or single use pads (like Swiffers use).

Robot Mop

In my opinion this is the best thing to mop floors with if you absolutely hate mopping (which I do).

Robot Mops have changeable pads so they have different cleaning settings. You can usually choose between dry, damp or wet mopping.

I love Robot Mops because they literally do all the work. All you have to do is fill the tank, place it at the starting point and let it do its thing.

These robots are so smart; they know how to go through the entire area and will even stop automatically when the job is done.

This is a great set it and forget way of mopping.

Best Way to Mop Floors

Regardless of which way you decide to clean your floors you should still follow a technique to ensure super clean floors.

The best way to mop your floors is start with a vacuumed or swept surface. This is critical; you do not want to just slide dirt around while “mopping” your floors.

Secondly, you want to have the right cleaning tool for your floor and solution.

If you feel like your floor is sticky after mopping, you are probably using too much solution.

Now when you’re ready to mop always start at the back of that area and work your way out. You don’t want to corner yourself and then have to walk on your freshly cleaned floors.

And if you are using a conventional mop or something that requires a bucket, keep is behind the area you are working on. This makes sure you don’t drip nasty mop water on your clean floors.

Work in a side to side motion; kind of making an “S” while you mop and make sure to dump/change the water frequently.

If you’re looking for a guide to help you clean your house fast, read my post on how I clean my house in two hours per day.

How to Keep your Floors Clean

Here are some suggestions for keeping your floors clean longer. Depending on your home, you only need to mop once a week. But if you’re like me and have kids, you may have to do it more frequently.

  • Consider having a no shoe home to keep dirt out of your house
  • Have floors mats at entrances so that you can clean off feet before entering
  • Check your floor manufacturer and use the right tools and solutions
  • Use a microfiber dry mop to regularly pick up dirt off your floor easily and FAST
  • Use a Robot Vacuum/Mop to clean for you while you sleep or are out of the house

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