5 Best Toy Vacuum Cleaner for Kids [That ACTUALLY work!] 

 June 9, 2021

By  Jeanette Giselle

Wondering which is the best vacuum for kids? Your mini-me keeps trying to do some cleaning around the house? Great!

You can keep them occupied with a good vacuum designed for kids. This post will show you just the perfect ones. 

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best vacuum for kids

My #1 Pick: The Casdon Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum

  • Features I loved:
    While researching for the best toy vacuum, I knew it needed to be fun and safe for kids while also being fully functional. The Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum hits all those marks! 
  • Benefits Over Others:
    The Casdon Dyson Ball kids vacuum has working suction to actually let your kids play alongside you. It's literally a replica of the adult version. This is the highest rated toy vacuum on Amazon!
  • Price Point:
    The price is great! Usually the highest you will find this kids vacuum cleaner will be around $40 but I've seen it go on sale regularly. If you happen to see it for less than I would definitely snag it!

Your kids can't wait for this!

Check out the Cadson Dyson Ball for yourself on Amazon.

Are there kid-friendly vacuum cleaners?

Yes, there are vacuum cleaners designed with the easy use and safety of kids in mind. These vacuum cleaners do not work like the adult-versions but they are enough to keep children occupied and make them think they are actually changing the world.

Generally, these vacuum toys are light in weight and easy to use. Since they are meant for children between the ages of 3 and 9, they can’t be too complex or heavy.

They are also made with materials that are safe around children.

There are a variety of designs on the market, from single uprights to canisters. While some have real suction power and can actually pick up dirt, some are designed for purely pretend play purposes.

Some are even made to look like real ones — only that they don’t do a job as thorough.

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IN A RUSH? If you’re looking for the Best Vacuum for Kids then the Dyson Ball Vacuum is the best toy for your kids! You can check out the product page here or read the full review below.

What’s the Best Vacuum for Kids?

  1. Highest Rated: Dyson Ball Vacuum Toy
  2. Runner Up: Dyson Cord Free Vacuum
  3. Super Joy Kids Vacuum
  4. Theo Klein Miele Vacuum
  5. Theo Klein – Bosch Unlimited Vacuum Cleaner

Compare them all here or keep reading for individual reviews.

Highest Rated: Dyson Ball Vacuum Toy

Your little ones probably don’t let you rest because they don’t want to miss out on all the cleaning “fun.”

With the Dyson Ball Vacuum Toy, you can give them what they want and let them get involved in cleaning chores around the house.

This realistic kid vacuum is the best of all kids’ single uprights on the market. It is a direct replica of the Dyson Ball model and is just like the real thing. It will not only help your child get a feeling of responsibility, it actually has a working suction that picks up small trash like paper waste, fluff and tiny beads.

This fully functional toy vacuum features a toy sports twist-and-turn action. And it is also designed with true to life sounds and moving colored balls that make the process more exciting and engaging for little users.

Everybody knows children are attracted to bright colors. The manufacturers of this vacuum toy know that too and that is why they produced this replica design with bright colors for visual stimulation.

This cleaner is totally designed with children in mind and is safe for them. Its lightweight of 1.76 pounds and easy operational feature make it easy to use. Just put in four C batteries and let your kids have their fun.

Highlighted Features
  • Brilliant toy replica of the Dyson ball
  • Working suction that really picks up small: paper hole punches, fluff, eva beads
  • Cyclone action with whizzing coloured balls
  • 'Twist & turn' Action that's just like the real thing
  • Removable debris drawer
  • Skill level: Novice

Runner Up: Dyson Cord Free Vacuum

Looking to include your child in the cleaning routine in your home? The Dyson Cord Free Vacuum is just perfect and is undoubtedly one of the best vacuum for kids. This classic toy comes with different attachments for short nozzle or long handled play. And it also has a working suction — just like the adult version of the Dyson Cordless Vacuum.

As a spice to the whole thing, this vacuum toy features a simulated cyclone action effect. The visual and sound effect adds to the realism and makes it look like a proper adult vacuum. It also does a thing with holding attention.

This classic kid vacuum is a lightweight stick model weighing at about 2 pounds. It is very convenient for kids aged 3 years and above. Its attachments are designed with an easy release removal system and well-suited for little hands.

One reason why this vacuum remains the one of the best is that it makes pretend play very realistic. If your kid always throws a fit about cleaning, you should consider getting one for your kid. It is worth every penny and they will love you for it. 

Highlighted Features
  • Realistic role play for exploring imagination and developing social skills
  • Replica design with iconic colors for visual realism
  • Play encourages the development of hand-to-eye co-ordination
  • Working suction and cyclone action for understanding cause and effect
  • Different attachments and ways to play, help to develop problem solving and motor skills
  • Independent play encourages exploration and discovery
  • True-to-life-sound for added realism
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Age Mfg Minimum: 36 Months

Super Joy Kids Vacuum

If your child wants to get involved in daily activities, the Super Joy Kids Vacuum is a good place to start. With this fun play vacuum, your little child can help you around the house and have their own fun. 

Talk about functionality, this kid vacuum packs a heavy punch. It has a working suction that picks up small bits of dirt, as well as a debris compartment to empty it out after cleaning.

When it comes to design, the Super Joy Kids Vacuum is one of the best. It can be used as a stick vacuum, hand vacuum or stair vacuum. This 3-in1 design makes it suitable for various cleaning needs so your child can work on a wide range of places and surfaces with one machine.

The toddler vacuum also features sounds and light effects that make pretend play more realistic and fun. And it is cord-free, saving your child from the hassles and limitations that come with a cord. They can freely clean away!

With this vacuum, you don’t have to be scared. This unit is certified non-toxic and skin-safe so you can rest assured knowing your kids will be engaging in a completely harmless activity.

Highlighted Features
  • 【Toy Vacuum with Sounds & Light】Press the switch, and then press the vacuum button, start to play the vacuum cleaner with light & sounds effect. This toy vacuum cleaner for toddlers makes pretend play more realistic! The working suction picks up small bits and there's a debris compartment to empty it all out. Note: It is a toy and its suction is smaller than real vacuum.
  • 【Different Ways to Play】Its 3-in-1 design means kids can use it as a stick vacuum, hand vacuum or stair vacuum to meet various cleaning needs. Short nozzle or long handled 'twist & turn' cleaning - and the attachments have an easy release removal system. Requires 5 x AA batteries (not included).
  • 【Encourage Kids To Clean House】Kids learn by imitation, kids can clean just like grown-ups! The kids vacuum cleaner can help children develop hands-on skills, confidence and motor skills by imitating cleaning activities and use their imagination to have fun!
  • 【Excellent Gift for Toddler, Girls & Boys】Our kids vacuum toys make great gifts for encouraging screen-free, hands-on, and open-ended play. This kids cleaning toys is designed for children to pretend play housekeeping and develop a good habit of keeping house clean. Great gift for kids ages 3-6 years at Christmas, Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year or other Holidays.
  • 【Safe & Environmentally Friendly】Our kids vacuum made with premium and non-toxic plastic ABS materials, all of our toy vacuum are tested by an independent third-party and are certified non-toxic, BPA-safe, Lead-safe, Phthalates-safe and skin-safe! Note: Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems when using. We will try our best to help you.

Theo Klein Miele Vacuum

Do you need a canister vacuum replica to look like the canister vacuum you own? The Theo Klein Miele Vacuum is an excellent choice. Embodied in a sleek European design, this vacuum toy is the right combination of fun and realistic.

It has lights and sounds that maintain a healthy dose of fun and realism for your kid. The battery powered system enables real sounds and Vortex action, keeping things real enough to engage little children.

A common favorite feature of this toddler vacuum cleaner is its ease of use. It has a main nozzle that clips onto the back of the canister, making the machine easy to carry. The canister also features wheels under it that rotate 260 degrees. 

The base is placed on 3 easy rolling swivel wheels, providing smooth maneuverability. And it has a floor nozzle with 5 rolling wheels for additional ease in maneuverability.

The machine is made at a suitable weight for children 3 years and up. Weighing at 2.2 pounds, your little ward can easily move it around for some “serious” work around the house.

Highlighted Features
  • Battery powered enables real sounds and Vortex action.
  • Main nozzle clips onto the back of the canister to enable easy carrying.
  • Wheels under canister rotate 260 degrees
  • Floor nozzle has 5 wheels for easy rolling.
  • Uses 3 -C batteries - not included

Theo Klein – Bosch Unlimited Vacuum Cleaner

Looking for a vacuum kids can use? The Bosch Unlimited Vacuum Cleaner from Theo Klein is an excellent option. It is functional and does just the kind of cleaning expected from a 3 year old or thereabout.

This functional toy set comes with a vortex function of the beads within the dust container. It also includes a floor nozzle that helps with a fairly effective cleaning. The floor nozzle is rotatable for easy maneuverability. The rollers at the bottom of the nozzle also make it easy to move around the house.

Made from durable materials, this vacuum set is perfect for hours of use and will last a really long time. The floor nozzle is removable and as such can be cleaned and stored easily for increased durability.

With a weight of 2.3 pounds, this vacuum cleaner is for kids from 3 years and above. Get one for your kid and you will find that work time can also be play time.

Highlighted Features
  • OFFICIAL LICENSED MERCHANDISE - Theo KleinBosch Unlimited Vacuum Cleaner Toy authorized and licensed by Bosch
  • BUILT WITH PASSION & DURABILITY - Made from durable plastic materials, provide kids with hours of fun and imaginative play
  • INCLUDES - Bosch Unlimited Vacuum Cleaner with vortex function of the beads within the dust container, rotatable and removable floor nozzle including roller and rollers at the bottom of the nozzle
  • GREAT ROLE PLAY! - This vacuum set is a perfecet for hours of imaginative role play
  • DIMENSIONS - 6.3 x 6.3 x 31.5 Inches recommended for kids ages 3+

Frequently Asked Questions

So, what’s the best vacuum for kids?

Based on customer ratings and reviews, the Dyson Ball Vacuum Toy is the best vacuum for kids. With the right combination of a working suction, effective design, and ease of use, it is a good spend for your money. It looks just like a real vacuum cleaner but is safe and easy to use for toddlers.

With these vacuum cleaners designed for kids, you sure will score some extra points with your kids. Let those little ones into your world and at the same time, let them develop a sense of responsibility and essential life skills.

  • Brilliant toy replica of the Dyson ball
  • Working suction that really picks up small: paper hole punches, fluff, eva beads
  • Cyclone action with whizzing coloured balls
  • 'Twist & turn' Action that's just like the real thing
  • Removable debris drawer
  • Skill level: Novice

Jeanette Giselle

Jeanette is a mom of three kids and full time entrepreneur. She is a certified Professional House Cleaner by the AHCA. It is her passion to help overwhelmed mothers simplify their home duties so that they can spend their time doing the things they love. 

Jeanette Giselle

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