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Updated On — 21st Aug, 2020

Want to start a blog but aren’t sure what the best hosting choice is? Click to find out the Best Blog Hosting Sites to Make Money online.

Want to start a blog but aren't sure what the best hosting choice is? Click to read my honest review on Bluehost, why I switched and where to. The answer may surprise you! (I'll give you a guess, it's not Siteground) Find out what the best web hosting site for blogs is.

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What is the best blog hosting site to use? Bluehost and Siteground are the most popular ones out there, but which should you choose?

I’m going to tell you which one I’m using…


When I started blogging a little over a year ago, I (like many) started out with Bluehost. I honestly loved and would still recommend them. But at the beginning of last year I decided to move my blog somewhere else.

You’re probably thinking… “She moved to Siteground!”


In this post, I’m going to share with you my experience with Bluehost, why I switched, where to and why it wasn’t to Siteground.

My Experience with Bluehost

So Bluehost is kind of up there in the clouds where you’re not sure if they’re amazing (because everyone is saying so) or they suck (because everyone is saying so). All I can tell you is my personal experience with them. So here goes.

When I started blogging I decided to choose Bluehost for several reasons (I even wrote a post about it!).

But the main reason was for ease of use. Bluehost is 100% newbie friendly. They literally walk you through each step when getting started. You get:

  • Free Domain
  • Easy WP Installation
  • Simple Dashboard
  • Great Customer Support (via Chat!)

Now if you don’t think that’s a big deal then let me ask you this. As a newbie blogger, are you able to transfer your domain to point your nameservers at your hosting company? Do you even understand what I just said?

If you get hosting and your domain separately that’s exactly what you’ll have to do!

Bluehost cuts that step for you and just gives it to you for the first year. And like most newbie bloggers, you aren’t WordPress (or anything) experts. So how can someone expect you to know how to install WordPress?

Bluehost is so user friendly ANYONE can get started and not have to worry about hosting. What you should be worrying about is your blog.

Look how nice and simple Bluehost’s Dashboard is – super easy to navigate. If you’re new to blogging then I would recommend getting started with Bluehost.

So why did I switch?

So the million dollar question: Why did I switch if I love them so much?

Well, I hate to toot my own horn but I’m not a newbie blogger anymore! I have learned so much about the technical side of blogging that all of that doesn’t scare me.

I’m okay with switching nameservers and backups, migrations and all this other WordPress lingo.

The main reason I switched was because my new hosting company A2 Hosting had an amazing deal for unlimited websites!

I knew this upcoming and for my future years as a blogger I would want to start up more websites/blogs.

And for only $4.90 per month, how could I say no to Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Databases, Unlimited Storage and Free SSL & SSD with Anytime Money Back Guarantee!

Where did I switch?

So I kind of let the cat out of the bag earlier and told you I switched to A2 Hosting. But they are such an amazing hosting company I couldn’t hold it in!

A2 Hosting

So I decided to go for their Swift plan which is not the $3.92 price but you can 100% go for that plan which is called Lite! 

Their prices are competitive as you can see (Bluehost charges $3.95/month!)

And unlike other hosting companies you will really pay $3.92/month. Regardless if you get a 12 month plan, 24 month plan or 36 month plan – you will be paying the $3.92!

Other reasons why A2 Hosting is the BEST:

When I decided to switch, A2 Hosting migrated MY ENTIRE SITE for me. I hardly did anything at all and had basically no down time. I don’t think I had ANY down time actually.

They went into my Bluehost account did a site backup and uploaded everything into my A2 Hosting account. All I did was request the migration and they did all the work for me. I even had all the same login information as my old WordPress.

It was like nothing even changed!

And if you are new to A2 Hosting, they Auto Install WordPress optimized to how you like it! Meaning, they will have some preinstall plugins to optimize your site. You can choose from a large list of options or you can choose to do it yourself.

Another cool feature about them is that they multiple server locations and choose for yours to be the one nearest to you for better service.

For example, I am in California and my server location is in Arizona. There is another in Michigan, Amsterdam (Europe) and Singapore (Asia).

Why I didn’t switch to Siteground

So this is where it gets technical and even for a newbie blogger you should care about these things.

The thing with Siteground that you might not understand as a newbie blogger is that Siteground limits you to a certain amount of visits you get per month. So if you go for their cheapest plan ($3.95/month) you are limited to 10,000 monthly visits.

Now that may sound like a lot but if you want to grow as a blogger you want to reach for the stars when it comes to your monthly visits. Just because you’re a new blogger, you don’t want to limit yourself.

You want to prepare yourself for those 10,000 views or 25,000, 100,000 and beyond! You shouldn’t be afraid to go beyond 10,000 because then your hosting company will then start charging you more!

If I paid for an annual plan then I expect to use it without fear or anything for the entire year (or however long I paid for it).

So with that said, the value of A2 Hosting is better than what you get at Siteground. At a more reasonable price, I can get everything that Siteground offers plus no limitations as to how many visits I can get per month.

I plan to grow my blog to hundreds of thousands of views per month and you should too (without limits).

If you are being told to choose Siteground because of their uptime and amazing technology well guess what? A2 Hosting competes with everything that Siteground offers at a better price.

Now, I’m sure Siteground is a good hosting company but they aren’t the one for me. In my opinion, they sound limiting. You should be rewarded not penalized for growing a blog to thousands of pageviews.

A2 Hosting offers the same quality hosting as Siteground BUT is more affordable and it’s truly a company that you can grow with. Their dashboard is not as simple and clean as Bluehost but that shouldn’t scare you!

Listen if you are just 100% a newbie and don’t want to deal with or learn how to navigate your hosting dashboard then fine — start off with Bluehost. But if you want a hosting company that you can stay with for the long haul then I recommend getting started with A2 Hosting.

When in doubt contact customer support! They are amazing. They migrated my entire site FOR FREE and can do the same for you.

Have you started a blog yet?

Tell me in the comments if this resource has helped you start your blog – I’d love to hear from you! If you haven’t started your blog, what’s holding you back?

If you need additional support, comment your questions below. Please also share this post with your friends on social media. Thank you!

What are you waiting for? Get started with A2 Hosting 💕

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8 replies on “Best Blog Hosting Sites to Make Money”

There a much valuable human-friendly content to final me to choose a web hosting. FINALLY, I decide to Bluehost on my blogging site

But don’t know about other hostings, I use this time, but loading speed is better when I apply a lightweight theme like generate press, otherwise, site loading is slow. any solution

Hi Rai!
Unfortunately with any large theme you are going to run into slow loading speed which is why its usually recommended to have a lightweight theme. Some things you might want to consider are your image sizes – those usually take up a lot of space and if you do decide to switch themes make sure it is reputable. A lot of amateur themes can have a lot of unnecessary code that way down your site! Xx Jeanette

I like how you describe about WordPress hosting especially for a newbies.its useful content thanks

Hey Jeanette, It’s a great blog on A2 Hosting! Helped me understand that hosting.
Also, you’re correct about Bluehost being better than Siteground. Siteground is a bit expensive than Bluehost. You also might have analyzed that Bluehost is better than Godaddy.

I’m a beginner in Hosting Reviewer and wrote a Blog on Bluehost vs Godaddy. You are most welcome to read my article or you can share it with anyone you want.

Yes! I had a great experience with Bluehost. I would recommend it to any newbie bloggers 🙂

Siteground is pretty expensive and I don’t really like their pricing model but I’m sure they are also a great hosting choice!

Thank you for sharing!

I’m like you, I just couldn’t use one of those huge hosting companies. I had a really bad experience with Host Gator and after that, my main focus was to find one with great customer service. I’m glad you found a good home for your site.

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