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Hi, I’m Jeanette- Welcome!

Who is the writer behind the posts?

Hey there, my name is Jeanette and I have two amazing young boys and a baby girl. I am your typical mom – tired of my 9-5 job and tired of scrambling up all my free time to make sure I get my chores done and spend enough time with my kids.

As moms we are ALWAYS working full time! Hardly enough time for anything let alone ourselves.

I have worked in the past four years in e-commerce; working with companies to build and sustain their online stores. I got my first start in e-commerce working for a white label print on demand company that I talk some about here: Printful. I soon fell in love with the world of online business so naturally then came my first business: The Messy Momma.

The Messy Momma was my online store for moms. Since then I have refocused my attention here and have started blogging.

my kids:

making the switch

The Messy Momma was soon changed into a blog because I realized that there was a need for entrepreneur moms wanting to “get it all done.”

I would constantly here from my friends:

“OMG, how are you able to make time for a business PLUS keep your house…”

And that’s when I realized there was a need for an easy guides and systems to help moms start an online business and keep their home.

In a FAST and EASY way!

With this blog I hope to provide the best ways to learn how to clean your house, how to stay productive while building a business and a family.

Thanks for reading along and I’d love to hear more from you! Let’s stay connected.

I can’t wait to hear YOUR success story!

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