6 Reasons why you should choose Bluehost

Updated On — 19th May, 2020

Bluehost is the #1 recommended hosting for WordPress blogs. I share six reasons why I decided to choose Bluehost for my blog. | How to Create a Blog | Blogging for Beginners WordPress

When I started blogging I had so much information thrown at me. It was nearly impossible to make a decision. There are so many key things you must have to run a successful blog. You need a profitable niche, web hosting, WordPress, a marketing strategy and so much more.

The most important of all these things is your web hosting! Without web hosting you won’t have a space in the interest to “host” your website. This is not a place to skim on your website because it is literally the foundation. Most bloggers will recommend Bluehost (which is actually the platform I am using). But why Bluehost? I have done done the research and I came up with 6 reasons why you should choose Bluehost.

#1 Recommended

Bluehost is the MOST recommended web hosting platform by bloggers FOR bloggers. If you’re thinking of starting a blog then you need web hosting. So why not use the one most bloggers are using. Bluehost has over 2 million websites running with their platform. Following trend is obviously not a good enough reason to choose something so let’s look at the other five reasons.

One-Click Installation

Bluehost offers one-click WordPress installation. Setting up your blog could’t be easier. As soon as you have chosen your plan, you are automatically redirected with options to set up your WordPress. As soon as you do, your Bluehost and WordPress will automatically be connected. You can start blogging that same day!


Don’t have a domain? Well that’s no problem! Bluehost gives you your first domain for free. You can search for the availability of your desired domain and set it up. If you do have a domain already purchased then you can link it to Bluehost when setting up your website.

SSL Certificate

When you are ready to show the world your website, having an SSL Certificate is a must! It tell your readers that your website is secure and they’re information is safe. If you are planning on selling products or having a membership site, the SSL certification safely stores that information. It also makes your blog look reliable and professional. Setting up your certificate is super easy too! All you have to do is log in to your Bluehost panel > Advanced > Security > SSL > Certificates. Then all you have to do is turn it on and you’re done!


Another amazing thing that Bluehost offers is email addresses with your domain on it ([email protected]). You can create up to 5 of these for free. This is a great opportunity to build credibility with your readers. You can create emails that have your name directly on them so they feel like they are contacting a real person. You can also create some for a general contact form, people who want to work with you and there are so many more ideas. Use these to your advantage!

Best Option Financially

Like I’ve said, Bluehost is the number recommended platform for bloggers. It’s no wonder why! But the main reason it is, is because it is the best option for you financially. Not only do they have low annual rates but they offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! So if you aren’t happy (you will be) you can request to get your money back and switch providers.

So let’s talk about pricing! The big question is “How much will I actually have to pay?” Right? First, you have three choices of the type of package you want to start with: Basic, Plus or Prime.


I chose the Basic plan because I didn’t feel at the time that I needed any more than that. I will most likely be upgrading to Plus when my plan ends. For starting out Basic is all you need. After choosing the package, you need an account plan. Basically, how long do you want to use Bluehost? The more months you get the cheaper it is annually.


With my link here, you can get the $3.95/month price if you choose to use Bluehost for 36 months.

Does that seem like too long? Well you can instead do 12 months for $5.45/month and will come out to roughly $65 for the whole year! That’s an insane price. So even if you decide to only get 12 months, you still get a really good deal. This will be the best investment for your new online business. So are you ready to start your business with Bluehost? Check out all the different things that Bluehost can for you!

Once you have set up your hosting check out my blog post “How to Start a Blog on a Budget” to learn the technical guide to setting up your blog.


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