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3 Big Misconceptions about Starting an Online Business

Updated On — 19th May, 2020

So you want to start an online business? I bet there have been some things holding you back. The world of e-commerce can be daunting without the right information. Maybe you have searched Google and you have heard things like

“You need to have $10,000 in the bank or You need to take out a loan”

Or simply you just can’t find the right information because let’s be honestly people are stingy with information. Maybe you have been reading article after article and you are ready to quit. Well don’t! Today we have a list of 3 Big Misconceptions When Starting an Online Business and we are going to set them straight.

But first I’d like to introduce myself. Hi everyone! My name is Jeanette and I teach others how to become online business owners.

I first started in the world of e-commerce as a fulfillment associate in a drop shipping company here in Los Angeles. And like most people, I didn’t know what the heck was drop shipping! But as I started to learn and grow within that company, the business bug bit me and I decided to venture into creating my own online store. I was there for about 3 years and then moved onto working for other online businesses on the backend. Now I am working on my own online business as what I like to call an “infopreneur.” Along the way, I learned so many things including that the information in the internet isn’t correct (big surprise, right?). Opening an online business couldn’t be easier and by the end of this post, you will be jumping right in, getting ready to open your own online store. Let’s dive in!

1. You need a lot of money to get started

The number one question I have heard is “How much money do I need to start?” Well let me tell you, not much! Think of your budget as an investment, it can only help you. However, it’s not totally necessary. When I started my online store, I only invested around $100 TOTAL. I even felt like I splurged on some unnecessary things! If you don’t have too much money to start, it’s okay! I understand that people nowadays live on a tight budget but it shouldn’t stop us from our dreams.

Most of the resources outlined throughout my blog are FREE. I think that people get excited and they want the big fancy deals or the ready made products. But a lot of things, we are capable of doing ourselves if we put the elbow work. For example, when I started my online store through TicTail I did a lot of the CSS coding for it to look exactly how I wanted. It took a lot of research and and tutorials but I did it! And you can too. There are a lot of resources for online businesses to get things done for free. Hosting your online store with TicTail is completely free (and even if you decide to upgrade it’s only $9/month!) Canva, an online graphic design software is also FREE. Need something more advanced? GIMP is free! What’s GIMP? Basically, it’s a Photoshop dupe. It works amazingly and I have made several graphics using this software. Another great resource is Printful, a drop shipping company (yes, where I used to work) that fulfills and ships your online orders ON DEMAND. Which leads me to my next point…

2. You have to invest in inventory

The world of e-commerce has shifted! Unlike a physical store, the online world does not require you to hold inventory. As I mentioned above, there are super cool companies like Printful that take away that stress. Not sure if you understand what drop shipping is? Well check out this super awesome graphic that I made for free on Canva!

So, as you can see from the graphic, you create a store, then automate products to be fulfilled by a drop shipping company and your customer gets their product while you collect the profits. Printful has a huge product list from apparel, to home (mugs and pillows), to cell phone cases and so much more! Having an online store couldn’t be easier.

3. I have to pay/outsource for the “hard” stuff

Remember that you ARE CAPABLE! I created my website and didn’t have to pay a single dime. Building a website has never been easier. With so many FREE platforms online to host your website, you’ll never have to worry about paying someone to do it. Many of these platforms, like TicTail, have free templates and do not charge a monthly subscription to use their hosting. Maybe you feel like you can’t create graphics because you aren’t creative enough?

Well guess what, Creative Market gives weekly freebies to anyone with an account. You can get so many things for free like fonts, social media mockups, graphics and so much more. There is nothing more difficult than getting started. Honestly, taking the first step is the most difficult. But once you decide that you want to become an online business owner, your drive will make everything so much easier.

Here are some actionable steps for you to take today in order for you to start believing and start your online business:

  1. Open an account with Printful and start browsing their products
  2. Create an account with Canva and Creative Market and start cashing in on those freebies. Remember, Creative Market updates them EVERY WEEK so you will always have something to look forward to.
  3. Download GIMP and look up as much as you can from YouTube on how to use it You’ll be surprised on how easy it can actually be!
  4. Create your account with TicTail. If you feel like you can splurge a little then upgrade to Shopify which will only cost you $29/month!
  5. Start creating products and sync them to your store AND LAUNCH YOUR STORE!

You can easily get started today without paying anything at all. If in the future you decide to spend money I recommend using those funds for photos of your products and marketing but that’s it! You can get your graphics, your products AND your website all FOR FREE if you just put in the hard work. Now you have all this information – what will you do with it? Taking the first step is always the hardest but I believe in you!

For more info checkout: The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online Store

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