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House Cleaning Tips

Discover the techniques needed to navigate and keep a clean house fast & easy for busy moms

Time Management

Learn easy tricks to setting up a home schedule and/or routine tailored to your daily life as a mom

Jeanette Giselle Blog

Jeanette Giselle


I’m Jeanette – mother, blogger and planner hoarder.

I’m a mom of three kids and love creating new methods and strategies to make motherhood easier and how to maximize your workflow through mind mapping!

I am on a mission to spend less time worrying about chores and more time with my family all while running my business.

I hope to help moms like YOU as I share my journey here.

Read more about me here!

"It's my mission to help moms like YOU get more done in less time so you can have more freedom to spend time with your family."
jeanette giselle
Mom Strategist

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